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  1. Technical
    Gears won't change up unless you manually back off the accelerator. Engine management light is displayed. After about 10 minutes the ESP kicks in (with a warning light) and the car will then only pull away in 2/3rd gear and there is no kickdown operation. Methinks this is an...
  2. Technical
    Hello i have problem (again) with Zafira B 07 1.9CdTI 120.. When i turn the incognition on it shows the dashboard lights (icons) but when i want to start it just clicking.. then all electric is gone..thanks Have a nice day Rudolf
  3. Technical
    Hi, need help with an issue on my 2010 1,8 petrol Zafira. Background: one morning the car just turns over but wouldn't fire. After lot of troubleshooting with help from some off the threads here I found out that there is no ground on pin 85 for the ECU relay. If I put direct ground relay...
1-3 of 3 Results