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fault codes
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  1. Technical
    Hi I am hoping to get some advice? So far I have replaced the clutch and gear box, water pump, rocker cover, coils, camshaft sensor. Yet engine light still comes on sporadically. Sometimes power isn’t great in first and second gear. Sometimes it’s absolutely fine. I pushed aa patrol man to look...
  2. Technical
    We have an intermittent problem and getting more frequent where the car just loses power (usually when in traffic or going slowly) and the revs will not go over 3000. The car still move albeit slowly so can park and then attempt to restart the engine. We often have to try this 8, 9, 10 or more...
  3. Technical
    Hi cheers for the add has any 1 came across fault codes ecn 59704 and ecn 99704 ecn 36504 before only seen p codes cheers
1-3 of 3 Results