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  1. Zafira Tourer 1.4 2016 oil problems

    Zafira Tourer
    Changed the oil in my 2016 Zafira with 5W30 as book says. Had car for about 10 months and it has been perfect, quiet and smooth. After New oil and filter it has been awful. Tappets are rattling like an old tin can. Slight noise while running but hammering on acceleration. I've flushed the...
  2. Electric gone.. maybe battery ?

    Hello i have problem (again) with Zafira B 07 1.9CdTI 120.. When i turn the incognition on it shows the dashboard lights (icons) but when i want to start it just clicking.. then all electric is gone..thanks Have a nice day Rudolf
  3. Zafira A seat change

    Hi guys would Asta H seats fit straight into a Zafira a 2004
  4. Weird engine noise Zafira mk1 1.8 petrol

    Hi there. Got a 1.8L zafira mk1 making a weird noise. Just had a new clutch as it was battered and down to the rivets. Still makes this noise, was doing it before new clutch as well. Only makes this noise at biting point under load, no other time. I have no idea what it could be, wondering if...
  5. Rear caliper fault. Broken handbrake lever bolt

    Hi. The handbrake actuator lever has been sticking a bit so I tried to work the nut with a spanner to free it up, however I have been heavy handed as the nut and top of the bolt (the one that activates the caliper when the handbrake is used) has snapped off. My question is, is it possible to...
  6. Zafira subframe headache

    Main Message Centre
    So im here changing my f17 gearbox in my 1.8 petrol zafi for another one was going really well untill i got to the middle subframe bolts and their captive nuts that sit in a welded bracket in a open recess off the chassis leg (luckily). I started to undo the bolts they had come most of the way...
  7. 2007 Zafira 1.8 petrol Boot problem

    Sorry if this has been asked before. My boot has stopped opening on my zafira. I have bought a new silver strip that houses the “handle” and that is definitely ok as when i press the button im getting continuity on my multimeter. I have purchased a new actual locking mechanism too. The three...