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Hello Everyone
I'm new to the forum and have found some excellent information already and I am quite sure one of you will know some good places to start with this fault.
I have had a few starting issues with my Zafira but put that down to the battery being 7 years old and once jumped and done a bit of a run the car started fine. Then the main problem started.
Because the battery was dodgy if the car hadn't had a good run I used to leave it running if I was only nipping in to somewhere. Then when I would start to drive away it would have no power and almost stall. When I did drive it it in this state it had no power but would rev up past 3000 if the clutch was in but wouldn't put this power through to drive. I could get it to drive along slowly but it was very juddery and was doing the old Kangaroo jumps.
If I then turn it off and leave it for 5 mins to cool it normally drives absolutely fine and I can drive long distances with no apparent problems occurring.
Because of this fault I used one of the hand held fault readers and it said I had a faulty EGR sensor. I tried to replace the whole EGR for new but the garage gave me the wrong part, so in the meantime I cleaned out my original plus the manifold on the car and replaced it. That seems to have cleared the fault code but hasn't stopped the problem from occurring.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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