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Zafira GSI Z20LET, 290bhp printout. The car runs fine, no problems boosting no overheating issues, but I get coolant loss and the coolant level warning up on the screen. I look at the tank and it has lost coolant.

I did an ebay header tank check and had C02 in the water tank so I did a headgasket / water pump / belt change, but still getting coolant problems.

Car will run up fine, cool down when the fan come on, doesnt overheat, but I still get coolant loss.

No running issues and no oil with the coolant.

I changed over the thermostat too to start to find the problem, now I seem to have some steam and water from the left hand side of the radiator where the pipe connects.

Water is moving round the engine but I just cant seem to stop the coolant loss. Some water pipes were also hard when warm before the head gasket change. I have, I believe, got the system up to temp and got rid of the air bubbles.

Always have warm heaters.

Just cant seem to find why its loosing water? Faulty expansion tank cap? Faulty radiator? I can see water circulating back to the header tank and with new water pump I know that's working.

I just want to avoid it loosing coolant and driving me insane!!

Any ideas?
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