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I am new to this site so hopefully I am doing this all right

I have a Zafira 2006 Life 1.6 16v 61,000 on the clock all serviced up to date, I purchased it on Sunday (yes I have contacted the garage under warranty).

It has happened 3 times now and the worse was today, after sitting in the car with it just running and not moving for about 8-12 minutes when I went to pull away the hugest black cloud of smoke came out the exhaust pipe and it stank of rubber/burning oil.(looked like the car had blown up with all the smoke

The recovery man said possibly was a blocked breather ?

Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on the problem ?

Additional information, car was last on the road (taxed) sept 10, i previous owner with motobility ! Apart from that the car seems to drive fine maybe slacking some get up and goat timesbut was perfect on the test drive...

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