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Glad i found this forum might be useful in the months to come lol

have a 5 month old Energy Model Zafira

Lately the the steering has became pretty poor when turning (the sensation almost of having a flat tyre) not everytime but at least once during a journey..( maximum journey is like 10 mins just now anyway as recovering from knee surgery and knee gets very sore anything over that!)

From googleing im starting to suspect steering fluid being low, as the manual doesnt show which reservoir is the steering fluid im assuming its the small one at the back just under the ridge slightly difficult to get at? back left as im facing it (drivers side) if it is that then it looks next to zero although with it being a white plastic rather than clear its difficult to see but to me it looks like zero?

now its booked in for tuesday assuming it is that what could cause it what other damage could it cause? and more importantly is it safe to drive in the meantime?

secondly lol (i know im pushing luck!) occasionally i can get quite a big judder/thud when going into 2nd gear usually at quite slow speeds again is this common in the zafira or potential issue?Edited by: clnmckec
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