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Hi Everyone, please help.
My wife has a 2005 Zafira Life that is a great little car. It originally came to us second hand with only one key.
The battery in the key fob was completely flat but the car started fine.
The ignition lock which was always very difficult to turn, seized completely and I, not the wife, stupidly broke the key trying to turn it.
I bought a new lock with two keys from ebay and it fitted with no problems.
The new keys are the solid type and don't have the place for the battery and circuit board. As the original one was flat and not used, I didn't bother getting the fob type.
Now, the ignition comes on correctly but the engine will not fire. I'm suspecting an immobiliser issue with something to do with the key?
Can someone please explain for me how the key system works and the easiest way to get around it?
Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
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