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Can someone help please.

I have a Zafira B.

With all lights switched off, both rear N/S and O/S brake lights and the tail lights on all the time, with engine running or just ignition on.

The car has no rear fuseboard, just a few fuses and relays near rear O/S light cluster.

When brake pedal is pressed the high level roof brake light comes on OK but brake and tail lights remain on.

I believe the lights are controlled after their switches by a unit in the engine compartment fuse box. Is this the PCB under the long black cover?

I have removed the fuse board and checked pin conditions, all ok and no water ingress or other damage.

I have disconnected the battery for 30 mins...perhaps longer, will try that tonight to do reset.

The service light (spanner) came on a week ago is this indication the problem?

I have an OBD 2 scanner but no fault codes..could a full diagnostic be needed with Opcon (or whatever the software is?)

Any advice welcome, including possible costs to fix!!

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