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07 plate. Not sure if all relevant but I'll start from the beginning..
Car was fine, Decided to have new battery beginning of Jan....Week later car having trouble starting,then check engine light on intermittently,took back and said Batt,alternator and starter all fine. Carried on not starting properly, car generally driving poor (sharp breaks, steering wierd, ect) then fault code for camshaft sensor,took garage and they unplugged/plugged sensor and reset fault codes. Car ok for week then started again. This time also wouldn't go in to gears properly. Had to call breakdown out cause couldn't get started and they said low engine pressure. Also now had faul code for throttle body sensor.took garage and had new camshaft sensor and new master cylinder clutch. Car ok then for few weeks then suddenly one morning wouldn't start. It would start then stall immediately. Gradually getting worse, will start if accelerator pumped ,will then start ok until been sitting few hours then won't start again. No fault codes coming up. Took it garage, they say no signal from immobilizer so reset it and said see how go. It hasn't done anything.
Do you think the issue is the immobilizer or the throttle body?
Is it just coincidence everything's going wrong or possibly a bigger issue like ECU?
What would you do next, get immobilizer fixed or take somewhere have another look?
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