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This is the sort of problem that is suitable for this Forum. I can live with the rear tailgate not opening. For all I know it might pass its MoT.

My mechanic has told me not to spend money on it: 140,000 miles.

The problem:

After being away for nine weeks, the battery was as flat as a pancake.

While recharging the battery, it was disconnected.

Central locking:

Worked fine,

Or so I thought, but now I find the rear tail gate will not open.

Ever since I bought the car, there has been a warning light to say on of the doors is open.

I also suspect that there has been an electrical leak running down the battery.


Ex-Police dog van/car.

Inside the back are cages. The doors do not have the normal levers.

The police removed a lot of electrical equipment before it was sold.
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