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Ok, i have a small problem with my '54 plate' 1.9 turbo diesel Zafira, it is an automatic and the gearbox isnt as sharp at changing gear as it was, and sometimes wont change into top gear at all, would like to change the fluid and filter as i dont think it has ever been done, but cannot find out where i can get the filter, or which type of oil to use, vauxhall told me 4l of 'special oil' they sell in 1l bottles, and the filter is £150+vat and a 2 week wait for it to arrive from germany.

If this is the case, it cant be a general service item surely or they would stock it!? Will i be better just topping the geabox fluid up as its a tad low, or changing the fluid on its own....or is it worth doing the filter while im there?

I havnt yet looked how this is all done, has anyone done this before, and if so does it require anything else before i start?

Thanks muchly
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