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Have a 2002 Zafira and the colour code listed is Z151 (Mirage) which I think is an Opel colour? Vauxhall dealer found the paint to go with this code but the colour didn't match that ofthe car, and it's much darker.

I've seen the colour described forthe Zafira I have as Mirage Mica Pearlescent (it's grey but has a pearly sheen to it, so under certain light conditions looks bluey), but I cannot find a code.

Given the fact that the car is nearly 10 years old, descriptions for colours change, and that colour fades etc., am I ever likely to find a (close) match? Does anyone know if Mirage Mica Pearlescent has a code? Could this colour also be SilverBlue?The colour of the pic below pretty much looks like the colour of my Zaf.

Many thanks for any help/advice

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