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Hi all.
Thanks for letting me join this forum, I am looking to see if anyone else has the same problem as my daughter
She has a 15 plate 1.4 petrol Zafira with around 51,900 miles on the clock. She has had this car for 3 years and was purchased through a main dealer.
Around 3 months ago she heard a type of grinding noise when engaging the clutch, assumed straight away that this was the clutch going so booked it into the garage and she stopped driving it.
To cut a long story short when the garage tries to replace the clutch they found the dual mass flywheel had too much play and had started to score the engine block. Upon stripping the block down it has been found that the crankshaft has pretty much been destroyed. Current costs for repair stand at around £3500, obviously a lot of money but because she still has finance on the car she has no choice but to continue to get it done.
My question is ‘has anyone else ever had a problem like this’? Looking online I can see the diesel versions have had clutch/engine issues but I cannot find anything about petrol models.
Many thanks for reading.
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