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about 6 months ago my zafira 1.8 sri petrol,started then cutout straight away,thought it me stalling it, turned the key off back on and starts no problem but with flashing spanner, turned back off starts no spanner, didnt do it again untill today. Just started then went off as if stalled, turned key again started but with flashing spanner on. Turned back off and on and fine no problems., no spanner

out of interest i performed the pedel test,held down brake and gas with no key in, inserted key and turned till the light on dash came on, which is the turn before the engine turns over. It shows nothing whats so ever but makes a funny noise which i cannot explain, almost as if the ecu is turning over, stop when i realese the peddles

So my question, am i doing peddle test correctly, i am sure the dash use to light up on the second turn, 2 turns before ignition, but might be my imagination.

Why isnt the test working, and any ideas on what my fault might be or just one of them things.Am i doing the test wrong?

Car recently had new oil, filters.

Also had the ABS pump repaired at BBA reman.

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