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<BLOCKQUOTE ="post restore">Hi need some advise.... getting bit paranoid about all thesestories relating to the dpf.. so much so that i was going to get it physically removed and have the ecu programmed for £550 and including stage 1 remap.
We use the car may be 3 times a week on short runs, but deliberatlety take it on a 80 mph 20 min run on the M1 evey week as well.
I dont have any problems... yet, but was going to see if any of these liquid cleaners would be a more cost effective solution to stop any foreseable problem? 1 example i have seen is:

I apologise if links not allowed!!!! has anyone any comments on this or any of the other liquid cleaners . theere is also a 400ml bottle out there by FOTRE which is only £15 </BLOCKQUOTE>
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