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Having just purchased a 2003 Zafira 2.0 Diesel,the engine electronics light comes on for a few seconds after the engine is started.Is this normal,or do i have a problem about to manifest itself.The light does go out,it does not stop on,just wondering if i need to wory thats all!

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My 07 plate Corsa does the same. I think that it's as your engine is cranking over not all the sensors are being fed enough amps and rather than the ECU logging it as a fault it blanks them until all the sensors and engine are up to normal revs and range. If it goes out I wouldn't worry. If it stays on then there are a number of ways to see what the issue is.

Arm yourself with a pen and some paper. Get into your Zaffy and before
you put the key into the ignition make sure that you press the brake
pedal and the accelerator to the floor as far as they will go.

Then turn the key on until the dash board lights come on but DONT START THE CAR

Wait 2 sec and keep the pedals down to the floor and the service light under the management light should start flashing

it will initially flash 4 times leaving 1 or 2 second space representing each number

Zero gets 10 flashes

for exampleP0110

the light will flash ten times Break (2sec Or 1 not sure) then once, (2sec) once again, then ten

If there are more than one code it will stop for a break then gives the next code.

However if you don't have any code stored it will start Flashing and keeps on flashing until you release the pedals.

It should give you a 6 digit number with ECN displayed where the mileage normally is.

Check out this site for the code meanings.

Ignore the ECN and P numbers. You only need the 4 digits.

this fails, turn on your radio. Then hold down the SETTINGS button
until you hear a beep. Then press the BC button to scroll through the
ECU diagnostics screen. The fault codes should be at the end of the
list. All the codes before it refer to Hardware, Software, Temp sensor
voltages etc. The codes you need should start ECN.

There is also a paper clip method that shorts out two pins on the plug under your dash. Google it up.

Even Vauxhall dealers don't know these methods. It will save you some serious cash, hopefully.

Let me know how things go.
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