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Sorry wouldn't let me enter before...fixed now

So here is the problem.....

Bought a 06 Zafira 1.8 SRI for 7k just over 3 months ago from Arnold Clark, FSH and years MOT and tax done on the day I drove it away.

Everything fine until yesterday on motorway EPN and ABS light came on simultaneously. No changes in braking or steering performance was noted so stopped at the services for a break.

Gets back in the car and lights both now out so continue to drive for the remaining 250 miles without a further hitch. Put it down as a glitch as car is filthy from salt and grit / ice and snow on roads from Christmas so figure sensor may just be dirty.

Next day driving normally and lights come on again, same diagnosis, no apparant problems, once again once ignition on/off rectified problem...go and thoroughly clean car, now done 50 miles no problems.

I have read previous threads and am hoping this is not going to be a major issue. Any ideas? I have not had it diagnostically tested do nothing can be definitive but if this is worst case scenario there is no way I'm forking out another 2k on a car bought 3 months ago. I.appreciate it may be nothing, just looking for some advice and possible reassurance.

Appreciate any reply.
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