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Good morning people.
I have just contacted my local dealer with a bit of a pricing excercise.
I have factory fit Xenon headlight on my Zafira and was looking for a spare bulb.
I know they are a stupid price but was more trying to find out what bulb type they are.
Anyway, they do not list xenon lights on a 2007 Zafira on UK models.
A bit strange I thought, because mine came from an employee at Vauxhall HQ in Luton who bought
it on the employee scheme(all paperwork to confirm), so he checked on Vauxhall own parts listing rather than the dealer listing and came up with the same answer.
So does anyone know what bulbs are used in Vauxhall xenon lights.
My guess is that it is either a D2R or D2S.
Your help would be appreciated.

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