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Hi Guys

Had the Zaf in the garage today, cos for the past few days we have been gettiing a strong smell of petrol while driving
It comes and goes.
there is no sign of fuel on the driveway so no leaking
the garage cant find anything wrong
and they took it for a drive
and would you blieve they couldnt smell anything..
can anyone give me an idea what it may be

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Hello mate and welcome.
I don't know Zafira you have but I had this with my old 1.8 "A".
Turned out it was the the fuel cap.
It would vibrate a bit loose.
Due to a operation a few years ago I have no sense of smell (great when some one farts but I really miss the smell of my bacon cooking in the morning) but the missus and my little girl would tell me when the car smelt of petrol. I'd tighten the fuel cap and it would be fine for a while.
Dont know why but it would be worse when the tank was less full.


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Bit too much information there ****,,

When this first happend only recentley
my wife was driving the car
same as yours by the way 18(not the wife the engine size,I wish)
I mentioned this fuel cap to her
she stopped the car and tried it
and said it was fine
but now you metion this
I will check it out myself, not that I dont trust a women to check a fuel cap,,much

thanks mate


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it has something to do with the seal . mine used to do it when i first bought it , all i did was make sure the seal was fitted correctly before tightening the cap.

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Right guys thanks for the replies to this question
It wasnt the fuel cap
I checked this and it looked good as new, not even any wear and tear.

My wife took it to a garage she use's all the time
I'm not o impressed with the work they carry out
so I never used this gargae myslef
prefering to use another around 2 miles from my house.

anyhow, she told him the problem, and left the car with him ALL DAY.
He rang to say he could not find any leak and took it for a run
and could still find no smell let alone leak
this guy could not smell the over powering smell of PETROL.....

I booked it in with the guy I used regular when I was driving for a private hire firm
he rang within half an hour to say
he found the problem and was totaly surprised we were allowed to take it out
of the other garage, as petrol was squirting out onto the engine
not a lot, but no the less leaking
it was a hose running from the fuel pump
that was rubbing against metal
it should not have been in that position
in the first place
so he recons some cowboy had done work on it
and just got lazy putting things back.
I wonr metion the garage she took it to first
but if I could I would give him the worse review ever
my wife and kids were driving round in that car
what a tusser

once again
thanks for the help guys..
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