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Hi everyone,

Whilst I've owned quite a few Vauxhalls in my time, dating back to the 80's, I've just bought my first Zafira, 1.7 cdti ecoflex on an 11 plate with 83k, so I'm new to this forum. I like to work on my own cars where I can, but as I've got older, I sometime choose to use a garage if I'm pushed for time or just CBA, or the job looks like a pain in the A$$.

I did the pedal test which shows code a glow plug general error. I tested the resistance of the plugs which show 2 at zero or near zero Ohms, 1 high resistance, and 1 at about 6 ohms. So I'm assuming 3 are duff, so I need to replace all 4. I've already started applying the penetrating oil in anticipation!

I've looked at every video I can find (some great, some rubbish), but I can't really tie down if you can change them without removing the inlet manifold, or any of the pipework in that area. It's looks really crowded.

If anyone can point me at a video that actually shows the job being done, in situ, or if anyone has actually done the job themselves and could answer my question, that would be great.

Thanks in advance
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