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Hi all, i am new to this site and hope it has as much interest as all other vauxhall sites, bit of a vaux fan, hadmost lol astra mk1/2, cavalier mk2/3, sallon chevete, nova, v6 vectrasand lots more, have now moved on with family demands and got a zaffy gsi.
i love it, currently running standard but have lot of upgrades ready to go on, but due to the great britsh weather these thingsare on hold, hoping that we will have a nice weekend some day soon so i can tranformmy bus into a rocket ship, just waiting for vxr turbo and intercooler and im done after ££££ spent.
any one else got a tinkered gsi who could share some tips?
i already have coilovers, pre-cat decat with sports cat, straight through center section with vxr backbox,x20xev inletcamshaft, vxr injectors, bosch super fours, and lots more.

ima bit of a tinkerer with all my vauxhalls so hope to be some help to other people myself, im a classic car restorer by trade so like things nice and shiney so might see a fresh coat of paint this summer ready for PV @ santapod, where it will be hitting the quater mile with some good times hopfully.
sorry if your bored reading this lol so i will leave it a that,

cheers "DADDYCOOL"
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