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' name is alan I'm from outer Mancunia.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a 57 plate 1.6 Zafira 'life' model.
Ex-motability with only 9k on the clock !
I've already lost my handbook pack and broken the tip off my aerial.
Apart from that I think it will be a good addition. I traded in my seventeen year old much cherished Audi 80 - which was the best car I ever had. The Zafira should be more functional and with some recent 'extensions' to the wider family we can use it for the odd day out with four adults and three kids.

I'm quite old to be using the internet
- and drive Artics for a living...a couple of million miles on the clock and still five years to go

I hope to dip in and out of here from time to time.
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