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Howdy people!
I have a 57 Plate Zafira 1.6 Life with 36,000 on the clock. It was a Motability return that I picked up last December and so far I have done 13,000 relatively trouble free miles in it.

In the last week I have noticed a juddering/hesitation whenever I put the engine under stress. This most often occurs at low revs in 2<SUP>nd</SUP> / 3<SUP>rd</SUP> gear - normally if I've slowed down and then step hard on the accelerator to pull away. However yesterday I also noticed it in 5<SUP>th</SUP> gear at 60mph when I was accelerating hard to join the motorway. Once you ease off it stops and the car will cruise at a steady speed or tolerate gentle acceleration perfectly happily. It seems to do it more often when the engine is cold although I have noticed it 20 mins into a journey. If you drive like a saint (always change gear when you should, pull away slowly at junctions) then you don't get any problems.

Everything else about the car seems fine. No warning lights on the dashboard, MPG is normal, always starts first time, no unexpected stalls, no strange noises from the engine and I've never had any of the symptoms when cruising at a steady speed.

A couple of other things to mention…

I did suspect dodgy fuel. I was down to ¼ tank so I filled up with some premium petrol for a change – I virtually always use supermarket fuel by default. This doesn't seem to have made a difference although I suppose there is potentially some of the dodgy fuel in my tank. (if a bit more diluted)

Last Tuesday I went through a partially flooded road (maybe about a foot deep). The car got through ok and I didn't notice any ill effects immediately afterwards although I'm pretty sure that since then my problems have started. I did read somewhere on the internet that big puddles can cause problems so thought it was worth mentioning.

Anybody got any ideas? If you need any further information then let me know.
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