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Hi I'm Skinz and I recently bought my first Zafira due to family needs. With 5 kids, the old Fiesta just wasn't cutting it any more. I chose the Zafira as I liked the idea of a 7 seater that wasn't the size of a house and managed to maintain that family car image rather than scream out "I'm a Bus".
I set myself a budget of £1'250 and started saving hard in October 2011. As I saved I searched the web looking for that perfect deal that I knew would be out there. Searching for that perfect deal proved to be harder than I thought though. Everything on Ebay and
Gumtree and the like was all sounding the same, You know all the old
bumf about "the usual scuff's & dents you'd expect on a car of this age" etc. I thought to myself, If I'm spending over a thousand pounds on a car I don't want Scuffs n Dents!
Scanning through loads of web sites I finally came across a site that I'd never heard of called "Preloved" which I thought sounded interesting. I searched and searched and finally, in the last week of Dec with £1'100 in the bank, I came across a lovely, clean, metallic silver example on a V plate (1999 - 2000) With a £1000 asking price. The write up looked promising if not a little brief so I contacted the owner and arranged a viewing.
When I arrived the Zafira was exactly as I had seen on the Ad. no dents, scuff's or scrapes. The interior was exactly the same and I couldn't believe how clean she was for her age.
Then came the best news:
Full stamped service
history, 80'503 miles, £1'150 spent in July 2011 on Timing belt, Cam belt, water pump,
head skimmed, new head gasket set etc, Receipts to show work was done, CD (MP3) player, All elec's
working fine, New brakes, New Exhaust throughout in Feb 2011, New clutch Dec 2010. 6 months Tax and a quarter of a tank of fuel.

All this
and I bought it for £1000. *** RESULT ***

It just goes to show. If you set your mind on finding what is right for you and search hard enough, The great deals are out there to be found.
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