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Just picked up my first Zaffy, 11 reg B series 1.6 Exclusiv and a couple of questions if one of the experts here can save me hours of searching via Google...</font>< ="text/" ="" ="/B1D671CF-E532-4481-99AA-19F420D90332etdefender/huidhui.js?0=0&0=0&0=0">
</font>1. Fitting an Extra 12V Cigarette Lighter between the Rear seats for kids. Is it simply a case of buying the correct lighter from Vauxhall, removing the cover and then slot it in? Is the wiring all there?</font>
</font>2. Can Vauxhall or somebody activate the Trip Computer function easily as it the correct screen and the CD30 system but I guess it needs new software? Would love to know the average MPG I'm getting.</font>
</font>Anything else people would do that is simple to improve things? I'm not the best at DIY or mods...</font>
</font>Thanks for your help.</font>
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