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Hi all, another newbie here...just coming back to the scene now the proud owner of a 2003 Arden blue zaf gsi. Previous vauxhalls are a sorted 99 Vectra 2.5v6 GSi, A couple of astras and a Corsa GSi. Have done loads to the zaf in the 5 weeks I have had her, the list so far.....

Courtenay Sport air and boost hoses.
Dv26 dump valve.
K&N panel filter.
NGK Iridiums.
Courtenay Sport pre cat.
One off vectra c and boost pipe intake. I made it myself.

One off bonnet grill.
De badged hatch.
Jom be fitted next week.
17x8 merc fitment Calibre Vintages with 6mm spacers.
Adjustable be fitted next week.
Pink wheel wh£&es stickers.

Pics to follow...tomorrow hopefully.
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