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Hiya Peeps,
I Bought my 1st Zafira NEW back in 2007,it was the 1.6 petrolexclusive model but sold it on after having it for a year.
I have now come back to the Zafira,i have just bought a 2008 1.9 cdti 140bhs ,design model in silver.
I really like the car,the car has done 102,000 miles and has beenservicea hand full of times.
I have 1 little issue tho,the gear stick is a little tight but very much and it seems to be loosening,i have had the car about 2 weeks now.
I have check the under the gear stick plastic and it does seem to have new grease applied but i can't be 100% sure on that.
I bought it to a mechanic and he says that its a little tight,He didn't have time to have a proper look there and then but he did ask me to change gears in the car without pressing theclutch,He was looking under the bonnet,I think he waschecking the gear selectors or rods,he said they were okay.
He told me to come back on tuesday,he said the is 2 wires coming from the gear stick that attaches to the gearboxmechanism,he needed to take out the car battery and undo the 2 wires to see if the gear stick was still tight.
Now,that's all french to me,anybody else think that i might have a gearbox problem ? I'm a little worried.
There's no crunching when selecting any gears or no popping out of gears,just a little tight which seems to be getting better.
I'm thinking that The previous ownerapplied the white grease and it takes time to gel in (loosens)
Any information or opinions would beappreciated.
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