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Hi - newbie Zafira owner!
Wonder if there is anyone who can help?!
Had the car for 21 days, numerous problems. Returned to purchasing garage 5 times.
Today its been down to the main Vauxhall garage, who are saying that all the problems we've had have been down to the EGR valve which was replaced not being a genuine Vauxhall part.
These are the problems we've had (all faults coming off the diagnostics from the engine management light coming on)
- EGR valve (replaced)- Coil pack (not replaced)- Lampda sensor (replaced)- Airflow meter issues- Air leak to vacuum system (repaired)- Multiple misfires
Could all of those be caused by a non-genuine part? or is it Vauxhall just using that as the reason?? Please help - we're at wits end!!!
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