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Hi guys,
Zafira-B 2010 1.7cdti ecoflex A17DTJ with DPF engine.

So i've started to get this fault code come up. Tends to only appear on first start of the day, when car has been sat a day or so. Initially driving along the road car is underpower and using torque on OBD I can see no boost pressure being generated.
If I try to floor it the car will 'try' and then I get EML and limp home mode. If I then use torque to clear the EML/codes (P0299) then it will immediately clear the fault and I get boost back and the car pulls as it should.
If I don't push the car initially, I can slowly get around then after 5-10 mins the boost problem solves itself and the car will boost.

After the above the car will run great the rest of the day, no matter how many/few start and stops, etc.

I think I need to look at the "Turbocharger Actuator Wastegate" as my suspicion is it's not moving as commanded. There is a TSB on these becoming sticky too.
I've tried to free it with a few WD40 squirts, and if I push the actuator rod I can move it, but it's tough, like if I hold it down (engine off obviously) I'll get the imprint of the thing in my skin/finger! so it's not that free.
Question - How freely should it move? Would anybody care to compare please, let me know if it should be easy to move between extremes?
I'm not convinced mine moves to full 'down' as the pressure I need to put on it seems too great.

If so, how do I free it up, will it be the vanes inside sticking, and if so can I clean it from outside, or is it a disassemble job?
On the A17DTJ the turbo and actuator is in an awkard place right at the front but half way down so it'd be a remove all 3 radiators job, so practically front end of car apart.

Is there anything else I'm missing here? There must be a control solenoid somewhere, where is it and easy to test?

I've had opcom hooked up looking for sensor data and looking at boost requested, etc, it seems right. When not running it's showing 100kpa and requested 102kpa, and when running it shows values on there which seem to look right, but what values should I be looking at?
Testing it at idle any good or do I need to drive it and try to get it to EML and log the values?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!

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