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Hi guys this is my first time here and would like to thank you all in advance.
my problem stared with my rear passenger dooor not locking due to a broken wire. After a quick temp repair all was fine. doors working as thy should. I then jumped into car and wouldnt start (turn over) thinking I was out of petrol I walked to station and got some petrol . still no joy. the car sounds as though it wants to start . I have service light with little spanner on not flashing and also the management light I did the code test and got ecn 111261 I know this to become p1112 which appears to be swirl flaps . I dont even know what they are. if so would this stop the carfrom starting. and is this just coincedence that happened. my thinking its imobilisser problem as looking at the little light on dash the light is not flashing to say immobiliser is active.
I have a 1.6 zafira petrol 07.
thanks guys Derek
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