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Hi guys

My younger brother is having issues with his 07 Zafira B.

The clutch is knocking badly when depressed, and goes away on engaging it.

from what i know about the 1.9CDTI engines, they suffer from DMF faults.

the cars only done 40k, which is nothing really.

The car has been to Vauxhall today, and hes been quoted £1700 for the repair, they have said that the DMF and clutch needs replacing.

he owned the car a year and its out of warranty, obviously this is a huge amount of money to repair a car thats done hardly any milage, and with him having a young family he would struggle to cover costs.

I have had a drive of the car and it it drives perfect, no power loss, its smooth and the clutch feels perfect no slip, vibration or otherwise. It just knocks when you disengage it.

Vauxhall have said that the clutch MUST be replaced if the DMF is faulty, which sounds like horse crap to me, especialy with it being really low milage on an 07 plate. Its got FSH, and is very well looked after, Vauxhall have also said that it could be down to bad driving??? is this really acceptable to say?, im glad i wasnt with him at this point

what do you think his actions should be?

look forward to your knoledge

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