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I do a lot of night driving and for a while have been considering replacing the dipped bulbs(H7) with some of the new ultra bright bulbs.

I have read numerous reviews which appear Ok but the cost was prohibitive. Recently I managed to get a pair of Ring Xeon Max bulbs for £12+v from my local trade car parts supplier.

They were relatively easy to fit and so after 2 weeks driving here is my initial impressions.

These bulbs are sold as 100% brighter than the originals.

The dipped beam is now considerably flatter with no holes and the nearside illumination is much improved. The beam appears much whiter. Despite adjusing the cabin light level adjuster there appears no appreciable increase in range. When traveling on the Motor way in dry dark conditions I would say when compared to other cars i am passing they are better than most basic bulbs but no better than what appears fitted to most 09/10 plate cars.

As for being 100% brighter, that they certainly are not, more like 30% max.

They are good on narrow country lanes and unlight A roads.

If I had paid the suggest RRP then I would have thought I had been ripped off. At £14.50 a pair then not too bad.

Time will tell how long they will last (currently they are on for 3hrs day) as a comparison I have not had to replace a dipped bulb in my Zafira in the 3+ yearsI have owned it.

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