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Hello all, would you believe that weboost started our Diesel Zafira and once it was running i drove it around the block, the battery wasnt actually flat but we gave it a boost from another car as it had air in the fuel line. after driving around the block the service light came on then all dash lights disapeered. if we turn the headlights on the mileage shows and thats it, but strangely it doesnt change at all even after 10 miles. the car still starts and stops fine and locks etc but no dash movement at all, ie no revs, speed, fuel, water temp or mileage.
We rang Vauxhall who was very cagey about it but said it probably a main engine fuse but wouldnt elaborate. all the fuses look ok though.

We now need a diagram of the fuses as there is no handbook or indication of what is what?

can anyone raise any ideas.

cheers and merry xm
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