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Hi all
Looking to take my zafira A to stage 3.5. Want to do this as safely as possible a it's got stock internals.
Got a few things i need help with.
  • I'm looking to get a new exhaust manifold as mine is cracked. Is it OK to get a copied one, and if so, who does the best one? If a copy is no good, where can I get an original at a good price.
  • Do I need to port the exhaust manifold for stage 3.5?
  • Looking to use a Vxr K04 turbo core. The original is borg Warner, but is pricey. Turbo rebuild do there own version and also do the mallet version, are they just as good, and has anyone got experience with them?
  • Should I use the standard vxr DZ waste gate actuator, or should I upgrade?.
  • what psi spring should I use in the recirculating valve, as I've got interchangeable ones with my one.

Any help will be appreciated

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