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Hey there
Just wondering as we had bought our Zaffy 03 plate a couple of months ago and all is sweet in our "ZooLander" the kids called it thus.

but i have a problem with the stereo unit + stereo head/clock display module
the stereo is a cassette..
without the code so it wont work..
but its ok as we want a cd unit..
. this is a basic club zafira without the steering controls on the wheels. so here is me questions..

Q 1.
can a cdr 300 unit be ripped out ( i have done this bit already ) and then insert a cdr 500 cd unit pushed straight back in.. and hey presto it will work with the correct code! or do the connectors on the rear of the stereo units all differ so this can not be done? also is a cdr500 unit the same everywhere?. or do some unit have different connectors on the back for the streering controls, as to ones without the wheel control buttons.
please advise
Q 2.
how do i replace the stereo head/clock display unit, as my one is a bit wonky donky as in parts of the lcd are starting to not work and a digit 8 looks like a 0, and such like. this is a little anoying as the clock is always showing a false time as such and i am bored of working out the correcttime lol
are they all the same lcd unit.. from a corsa to a vectra and a zafira? or do i need to get a zafira unit only.
please advise on removal of, and sourcing the replacement type.

I intend to get all parts second hand from eblay or some place.

cheers for the advice in advance guysn gals

talk soon

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