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Strange Problem </H2>
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<BLOCKQUOTE ="post restore">Hi, just joined. Was wondering if any of you had experienced a difficult problem we are having with our Zafira. Intermittently when going over speed humps there is a serious 'clunking' sound from the left front suspension. It feels like that there is something loose which bashes up to the bottom of the car. My wife brought the car home Thursday and wouldn't drive it as she thought it was so bad. Anyway I have just taken it down the garage who have checked it over completely (two people for half an hour checking everything under the car) and found nothing wrong with it. When I drove it to the garage I have to say there wasn't a problem. However fact is something is far from right.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar ? Any ideas ?

Cheers Andy</BLOCKQUOTE>
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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