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hi i have a t reg 1.6 16v zafira comfort and recently have been getting a weird problem
the car s running with no heater/blowers on the temp on gauge works
fine and settles just above 80 however if i put the heater/blowers on
high the temp gauge slowly goes down to nothing as if the engine is cold
then i get a yellow rad sign with a fan light up on the dash does
anyone know what this problem could be i have checked fluid level which
is fine i have also checked if it could be a blown head gasket but that
dont seem to be the case i have no water in oil no oil in water no mayo
in oil filler cap or dip stick no smoke other than durin cold start in
the morning also had a cardon test done to double check. i have been
told by local garage to take to vauxhall for diagnostic check but this
will be
there must be an easyer way
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