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My car is Zafira 2005 engine Z16XE.

Yesterday I went to help a friend - jump start their vehicle. I have connected the cables and tried to start my car. It didn’t start. After a bit the car started form multiple minutes and died. I have called my road assistant and when the guy arrived the car started again. I waited around 5 minutes and start going. Just passed 20 meters or so and the car died again. The guy was still on the parking, so I called him. His diagnostic didn’t work, so he checked the spark and there was a good spark. After this he checked that there is fuel under pressure in the fuel system and there was. He took off all the spark plugs and tried to start the car but there was no smell of petrol. He said that he can’t do anything else in this case and towed me home. He told me that most probably the ECU that controls the injectors has issues.
I have connected my diagnostic and it showed P0230 - Fuel pump relay contact problem.
Today I have started the car. It starts every time when it’s cold. Will work normally for 10-20 minutes until it reaches normal working temperature and will die after this. No shaking or jurking just switches off. I have tried 4-5 times and every time it’s the same thing. The car will start if cold and will die when reaches normal working temperature.

I have tested the fuel pump relay and it seems to work as expected. The problem is that it start raining, so I can’t do anything else today. I have checked the diagram and my plan is as follows:

1. While the car is cold switch the key to position 2, so the relay will close.

2. Will lift the car and will check where is the fuel pump plug. Will take it out and will check there is12V there.

3. Need to reach the plugs for the injectors and check there is 12v there. The steps on the manual are not very clear for me how to reach them but I should be able to.

4. Start the car and wait for it to die when it reaches normal working temperature

5. Check the voltage on the fuel pump plug again. If there is no voltage then there is a problem with the cable. But if there is I will continue.

6. Check the voltage on the injectors plugs again (helpfully I will be able to reach them before the car cools down). If there is 12v then the ECU is the problem but if the 12v are not there then there is a problem with the cables.

There is a purge valve that will be closed until the correct working temperature is reaches to reduce the load on the catalyst converter but I have tried and disconnected this. Didn’t help.

The problem is triggered by the temperature, so is there something else that happens when the car reaches its normal working temperature? Do you think there is anything else I can test?

Thank you in advance.
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