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Alright chaps,

I'm in the market for a Zafira and was hoping to get some pointers. Currently drive a 55 plate Astra H 1.6 as the main drive and the Mrs has a Ford Fusion she hasnt driven in 2 years.

Gonna sell the Fusion to make space for a Zafira.

Primary reasons for getting one

1. Kids are getting older and the Astra is too small

2. I also want to buy a 4/5 berth caravan and the Astra just isnt man enough for the job.

Been keeping an eye out on Autotrader and my price range, between £2-2.5k gives me decent looking Zafiras around 2005-2010, usually around the 90-150k mark on mileage.

Reading up a bit Im pretty sure I want the 1.9L, 150BHP 6 speed SRI Diesel (correct me if Im wrong)

Questions from a newbie:

1. Any commom faults to look for (and how to check for them if not obvious)?

2. What kind of money am I looking at for a timing belt change? Google reckons change intervals are 100k / 6 years and all the cars are coming up to, or over, the 100k mark.

3. I will definitely fit an aftermarket head unit in and upgrade the speakers. Toying with fitting a touch screen in the console. I'd like to be able to get Sat Nav on it (and/or cast my Android to it) - if anyone has done this and has any further info (pics, guides, links, prices) Id very much appreciate it.

Other bits I want to add will be

Front/Rear parking sensors
Dash Cam (front/rear)
HID Xenons
Tow bar

Any tips, general or otherwise, welcome.
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