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Hello fellow Zafira owners.

Just a few quick lines about us. We had a 51 plate ex demo 2.0 Dti which we bought back in Feb 02 with 34 miles on the clock, imported from Cypress. Well impressed as we were just having a test drive to see how it we bought it!
anyhoo, this was perfect for the wife's childminding business and we kept it until 2007 when we left your shores for a better life in Spain. We decided that it would be best to sell that one rather than my ageing Vx Carlton estate. used the money from that sale to fund a stop gap Pug 206.
That was 3 years ago, now we find that we need a bigger car for airport pickups etc.
Been looking for over a year for a decent one at a decent price (spanish second hand cars are really expensive) So just 2 weeks ago we managed to pick up an 04 model 2.0 Dti elegance for 5000 eur plus pex on the pug. It has some dings and scrapes but not as many as the usual spanish everyday cars!

Was advertised as non metallic, but it is! Colour coded rub strips, privacy glass in the back. Nice grey colour, couldn't tell you the code as we havent looked that far yet.
Future plans include new passenger seat base cover (cig burn) Bling chrome dial bezels, complete check over of all undercarriage including power wash when up on a ramp.
Opel dealer full service for 100k but doing all the brakes myself first. Start to stock up on consumables from the UK as spare parts out here are mega expensive. Wheel balance and 4 wheel laser alignment just for piece of mind. Maybe look for a set of roof bars, the type that slot into the roof channels as this one came with no roof bars, re-gas the air con (need that to be working perfect) Look at HID conversion and replace all standard lamps with LED's.

replace steering wheel(cover) usual worn out horn button rubbers (what a sh!t design)

All this in between going away to work every 2nd month, visits to Scotland, courses for work in the USA and keeping She Who Must Be Obeyed happy!

Good to meet you
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