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Hello mate.
You can fit a xenon kit but only certain types.
A standard ballast kit will bring on your bulb failure and will cause all sorts of fun problems.
I work for a company that used to supply and install these but we have now stopped because of the issues on newer generation cars with a full Canbus systems, and yours has.
You have the same car as me, but I have factory fit xenon's in projecter head lights but I can't even fit LED side light bulbs to match the xenon main lights with out problems.
You will need to a kit designed to fool your car into thinking it still has standard lights.
These are available but are not the most reliable.
You must also bear in mind that they are actually illegal without self leveling and washers.
At the moment most police dont enforce this but they have been told to clamp down on these and it will also fail an MOT if the tester notices the HID, again they have also been told to clamp down.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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