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We've owned a second-hand 1.8 Zafira 'Elegance' for over a year now, and have been delighted with its general roominess, practicality, reliability and low-cost running.

We've got three kids, aged 12 years, 10 years and 11 months and have been using a baby travel chair since she was born. However, she now needs a bigger travel chair, and on visiting Halfords yesterday we discovered that because the rear seat belts are on stalks, the seat belt buckle sits snugly against the travel chair. Apparently, this causes a huge risk of 'buckle-crush': in an accident, the buckle can shear off relatively easily as it is lodged against the travel cot, rather than lower down against the seat.

I'm assuming that later models have been modified in some way, but Halfords did not have a model of chair (and they had loads!) that they could sell that would be safe. Obviously this is a huge worry for us, can anyone recommend any seats that could overcome this problem?


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