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Hi everyone i have a problem with my aunty's 2005 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 petrol and was wondering if anyone could help me.

she recently had it valeted, and a couple days later she went to go start the car, and there was no power to the instruments and the engine wouldn't turn over.

she called the AA, they came and disconnected the battery and reconnected them, this seemed to get the car started but the dials weren't working. she managed to drive it to the local garage. after she turned the engine off, there was a reasonably loud buzzing noise coming from somewhere in the engine, tried disconnecting the negative battery, and it stopped but came back when i reconnect it.

The mechanic couldn't figure out what the problem was and said to take it to the main dealer, she managed to get the car back from the garage to another location, so the AA could come and take the car away. at this point i tried starting the car but it simple wouldnt turn over, no instrument lights however the headlights turned on by its self without turning the switch. when the AA got there we tried it once more and it started, she drove it to the main dealer and left it with them.

They said apparently its coming up with various fault codes and they said they need to replace the accelerator control lever, after this the problem may be resolved. (they charged nearly £300)

It wasn't, they said now they have to change the ecu and reprogramme it charging about £800 for the lot, and Even after that, they said the problem may not be resolved

So we decided to try getting it back into our hands with only the accelerator control lever replaced, when she got there the car managed to start up and shes been driving since, however there are problems!

I drove it yesterday, after starting up, the car idlers a little higher than usual around 800-900revs, and the engine malfunction light is on. It seemed to rev fine however once your moving about 10mph it suddenly dies with no power and then comes back, then carries on cutting out and coming back, its quite bad especially up any sort of gradient, mainly happens in second, but does happen in all other gears.

When i set off it was at half a tank of petrol, i went down the road and back , about half a mile and the gauge went to half way between half and quarter tank, which is quite worring. Sometimes it actually drive ok but then it gets worse again.

can anyone help? Would really appreciate it
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