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I have Zafira which has a major problem

it goes i to limp mode constantly than out again than into it again

I have put new coil pack spark plugs lambda sensor new cataytic converter and a new turbo

the old turbo was replaced a year ago and than blow up
So got new turbo last week and it’s done it again
There is oil leaking from the intercooler but apparently the intercooler is clean so puzzled with tht one

wjen drivingit starts to lack power gets aluggish loses power than suddenly it kicks in again

many help please

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Hi @Clint1981,

need some advices from other 1.4's user or

i ride Zafira Tourer 1.4 turbo petrol elite year 2012, with 26k mileage
a few day ago, have problem with shifting automatic gear,
in an early drive with engine not to warm, the gear shifting automatically is normal,
after an hour drive, suddenly the gear down to 3rd or 2nd position and made the engine run in high rpm, check engine pop-up

scanning with GDS's, DTC showed: engine control module [P0700], transmission control module [P0722 and P0723]
i changed the total oil in gearbox [10 liters]
made a ride after that, shifting gear normal, but when the engine got warm, problem come back again
some mechanic said the TCM should replace, is that true,

many thanks for the advice and solutions
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