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Anyone help with a problem on my Zafira 1.9cdti2007

Whilst driving alonglost all power, car stops. Vauxhall garage tells me it's the electronic accelerator pedal that has gone and needs to be re-placed at cost over £400.00.
This has been re-placed after a 4 week wait in the garage, done 140 miles and the same happens again. Car back in the vauxhall garage and they now tell me it's the ECU that needs to be re-placed at a cost over £700.00 but the error code that is displayed is still the accelerator pedal.
Car has done 45000 miles and always been serviced at main dealer.
To me it seems vauxhallare not sure what the fault is and are trying a trial and error process which is costing me alot of money.

Has anyone come across similar problems and what was the outcome?

Thank you.
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