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Afternoon all, hope someone can help me with this one.
Had this car for about 6 years, do all the work on it myself. Had Cambelt done last year + waterpump.
Had Drive (aux belt) done at the same time with new tensioner and Pulley.

I've been getting a whistling noise from something on the aux belt system (took the belt off and ran engine and noise stopped). I've replaced the pulley on the alternator today as that felt like it had a little play, but still there.

The only other pulley on the system that has a little play in what I've circled in blue on the below picture. I have know idea what it is for or called. I don't think its related to power steering as the car has an electric pump on the other side of the engine bay. Any help would be much appreciated.

I must have been confused with my other car, and thought the water pump was on the cam belt system. The unknown is the water pump, problem solved, its failed already.

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