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Hello guys!

I've recently bought a 2007 (New lol) Zafira. its 1.9 Diesel and im pretty happy with it, but the forums in my country are completely useless regarding information about it so i decided to turn to the pro's and people that actually own the car and talk about it :)

First im totally confused, the guy that sold me the Zafira gave me paperwork of what the Zafira Had/Has though VIN on the chassis. He stated that there is DPF filter on it (Per his mechanic) and they figured that out through the paperwork. I'm looking but i dont see any mentions on the paper for the actual DPF. Does anyone know how would they put that on there

See the equipment list here:
Also if anyone knows how big of a deal is to switch from CD30 to CD70 with navigation, since the AC and everything is connected to the radio, is it simple plug n play as it seems or is there anything extra that needs to be done?

I tried searching most of the stuff from the equipment list online, most i found out and still touching and pressing stuff around the car hoping to find out a hidden feature lol.

Thank you in advance guys anything would be really helpful!
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