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Hi folks I'm new to the forum and new to Zafiras, had a few vectras in the past but finaly came back to Vauxhalls!!

As the title sugests I've recently bought a 2008 Zafira B.

To cut a long story short it ended up in a light frontal shunt.

The Ecu was damaged so I sourced a new one and had it coded at my local dealership, unfortunately the car will still not start, it will crank but there doesn't seem to be any fuel pump operating.

The codes I have from the vehicle are quite extensive if anybody could help,

P0275 Sympton 5 present
Swirl level sensor open or high voltage

P0638 Sympton 02 present
Electronic throttle control low voltage

P1125 Sympton 08 Present
Throttle actuator feedback circut malfunction

P0400 Sympton 02 Present
Exhaust gas recurculation low voltage

P0070 Sympton 71 present
Ambient Air Temperature malfunction

B2657 Sympton 04 present
Ilumination Circut malfunction

P0660 Sympton 04 present
Swirl level control solenoid valve circut open

P0243 Sympton 02 present
Boost pressure valve low Voltage

U2140 Sympton 71 present
Invalid data from U.E.C

U2116 Sympton 71 Present
Invalid data from IPC

B3909 Sympton 05 Present
Low beam switch circut open or high voltage

B3600 Sympton 07 present
Dimmed illumination switch high voltage

B2743 Sympton 05 present
Rear fog light switch open or high circut

B2740 Sympton 05 present
Front fog light switch open or high voltage

B2662 Sympton 05 present
Parking lamp switch circut open or high voltage

B1456 Sympton 05 present
Automatic light switch circut open

B0020 Sympton 04
Passenger air bag squib open stage 2 present

B0019 Sympton 04
Passenger air bag squib open stage1 present

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction with this, many thanks if you've made it to the end of the list

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