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Hi all.

We recently got a Zafira B, we used to have an A years ago and it was a wonderful car the B however when I got back from work today started steaming from the rad.

I can't find any evidence of a coolant leak, the coolant levels are fine no loss is evident, the water return is fine flowing back as it should, and the hoses all get hot, i cannot prove the fan is working as it's freezing where we live and I can't be sure the engine is getting hot enough too reach the relevant temperature as there is no temperature guage on this model.

The only thing I could think was as the heating in this car has been poor since we got it that maybe there was an airlock in the system so I tried methods to clear an airlock in case this was the issue with the steaming and heating but it is still the same as of this post, any ideas would be appreciated.

I don't have an obd reader but one is on order for a separate issue with another vehicle. No engine light or temperature warning lights are active.

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